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Wearing, Buying, and Caring for Silk Cotton Sarees the Right Way

April 6, 2012

Today, sarees are now by many women around the world. The image of Indian women wearing this ornate piece of cloth that is beautifully draped on their bodies has proven to be a sight to behold. To those who did not grow up wearing beautiful silk cotton sarees; there is very little information that is known on how to properly wear, buy, and care for it.



Before you wear your silk cotton sarees, make sure that they have been properly starched so that there is ease in wearing them. As you do the pleats by hand, press on each of them as you make them to properly shape and set it. Also make sure that you are not wearing a flared petticoat under it as this will distort the overall look of a draped saree.

For office use, silk cotton sarees should be pinned for a smart look. Especially if you have tedious work chart, this will keep the saree out of the way and make your work more manageable. For less formal occasion or functions, allowing it to fall on your hand and just pinning its tip will give a very graceful and casual look.

When buying silk cotton sarees, the main thing that you should consider is your body structure. Women all over the world have varied body shapes with parts that will need to be hidden or flaunted. Your body shape and look will determine the material of the saree that you should buy.

Women who tend to be on the heavier side should use silk cotton sarees that are made of heavier materials. Since they immediately hang, they give a slimming effect on its wearer. On the other hand, thin women should use those that are made cotton, organza, or tissue to give a fuller effect.

Work on the opposites when choosing the silk cotton sarees to buy. Short women should avoid those that feature big designs and patterns just as tall women should veer away from those that have small ornamentation. Women who are dark-skinned will look good with dark-colored sarees such as maroon and pink.

Silk cotton sarees have a big chance at having a long-lasting luster for as long as they are provided with the proper attention and care. To ensure that they live a long life after their purchase, for their first wash, soak it in brine then rinse in cold water. Do not use soap when you are washing it for the first time; merely use plain water during its first three washes.

After its third wash, use a mild detergent. Do not brush or lash silk cotton sarees as this could damage and tear its delicate cloth and design. Let it dry immediately after washing and do not allow it to stay bundled up and wet. Use medium heat when pressing it.

Sarees are a sight to behold once they have been properly draped on the body. if they have been well taken cared of, they will all the more look better.



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