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The Origins and Styles of Salwar Kameez Designs

April 3, 2012

Today, we are seeing so many salwar kameez designs that are being worn by many Indian women, as well as those in other places of the world. However, contrary to popular belief, the salwar kameez did not originate in India. This traditional outfit, along with all the other traditional shalwar kameez designs, was initially worn by men and women in central and south Asia. It is from there that it made its way to Pakistan and then to India.




The salwar kemeez designs are clothing combinations that can be worn by both women and men. It is a three-piece outfit that is composed of the salwar (trousers), kameez (tunic), and a dupatta (a wide stole that is similar to a scarf). The salwar is held on the hips with elastic or drawstring and the kameez is a long tunic with slits on both of its sides.

The shalwar kameez designs were first used by the women in Punjab. For many centuries up to now, it still remains as a traditional piece of clothing for many Indian women and men. In fact, the shalwar kameez designs are already considered as the most widely used Indian garment in all of India. Normally worn with draperies of chunni and dupatta, this is the top choice for everyday wear because of its comfort and simplicity.

Even the new generation of Indian citizens in India today still makes use of shalwar kameez designs. With their vast selection of style and hues, this comfortable and affordable garment is used by people from different walks of life. Aside from everyday use, the more elaborate and colorful salwar kameez designs are used for special occasions.

The shalwar kameez is also known as a Punjabi suit or Salwar suit. Today, there are so many shalwar kameez designs that both offer traditional and contemporary looks. There are designs for casual wear, formal wear, and party wear that features embroideries and embellishments. Even world-renowned fashion designers are also making their own line of salwar kameez designs.

Wherever in the world you are, getting your hands on salwar kameez designs are now made easier and more convenient than ever. There are numerous online markets that offer a wide range of shalwar kameez designs to choose from. You can buy the traditional designs or even order a custom-made that it in tune with your preferences.

With the various salwar kameez designs that are available today, there are surely enough pieces to mixing and matching the pieces possible. You can take your pick from formal wear to casual wear and add some accessories for an entirely stylish look. Now you can show off your personal style with shalwar kameez designs.

Traditional salwar kameez designs surely have come a long way from its ancient roots in central and south Asia. What used to be clothing that seemed to be exclusively worn by Indian women and men has now made an international splash as the world of fashion has given its attention to this wonderful garment that is shalwar kameez designs.


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